Sarcasm Syndrome history

1991, Sarcasm Syndrome was founded as a Thrash/Punk band by Roland (Bass) and Andreas (Vocals). Also Dan and former guitarist Roman joined soon after. In 1993 there were several lineup changes but the most important for the band itself was changing from male to female vocals. This was the time Petra joined the band and Andreas changed from vocals to drums. Thenceforce Sarcasm Syndrome's musical style changed to Progressive/Doom.
There was a busy time the following 4 years. On the one hand doing a lot of live work (supporting some major acts like Schubert etc.), on the other hand also recording various songs for samplers 'A god damned city' and 'Hardboiled'. In 1997 some dark clouds arose uppon the band leading to a whole breakup of the band.

In March 2017 Sarcasm Syndrome officially celebrated their reunion at the Alpine Steel festival. New guitarist Matthias joined the band (substituting Roman) and so new lineup was fixed. Besides playing several live concerts in Tyrol and Vienna the band also recorded the song 'Chtullu' in february 2017 which achieved to be cult in scene in very short time. In summer 2018 recordings for the new LP started. "Thy Darkness" was released in May 2019 followed by several shows.